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Tress Cloud (10”)

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Why choose Tress?

Considered the leader of the “made-in-the-USA” mattress industry, our manufacturer of the uniquely designed MyTress mattress has been in the industry for over 35 years. Every material utilized in the development of our products – from the memory foam to the material mesh cover and the cover of the mattress itself – is the best available.

In addition, our exclusive open cell Tress performance memory foam and mattress covers provides for the coolest and most breathable sleep experience. All our mattresses and pillows are handcrafted and manufactured right here in the USA and stamped with it’s creators name!

Reduces Motion Transfer

Your partner will thank you for not interrupting their sleep. Your MyTress mattress all but eliminates motion transfer issues.

Guaranteed Support & Stability

Your MyTress mattress is constructed with a super high quality base foam that helps to stabilize your sleep experience.

Not Temperature Sensitive

MyTress foam releases body heat substantially faster than traditional memory foam to ensure that you sleep comfortably.

Transition Layer

MyTress performance memory foam provides a transition layer which serves as an extra overlay to allow your mattress to take the shape of your body.

Quality you can feel
Comfort you will love

Tress Pillows

Available in standard, queen and king sizes.